Pay attention.

Your body is speaking to you. It sends subtle signals that get lost amongst the friend requests, and tv commercials and the last few points you need to get to the next level.

My journey to awareness started awhile ago – like years. It’s a slow process. I’ve come a long way but I’m no pro. I’ll never claim to be an expert, but I’ll share with you what’s worked for me so far.

  • Pay attention to how your body feels after you eat certain foods. Do you have a stomach ache after you drink a milkshake? Do you feel bloated after you eat broccoli? Do you breakout after too much cheese? You’re body is trying to tell you something.
  • Pay attention to the taste and texture and smell of the food you are eating.  Do you even like it?  It’s been drilled into us that food is fuel, and it is.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take pleasure in eating it.  If you are eating chicken breasts and asparagus everyday for a month you are going to get bored and you are going to rebel.  That’s why diets don’t work.  Eat foods you like.
  • Pay attention to how your body reacts while you are eating.  Can you feel your stomach getting fuller?  Can you tell when you’ve had enough?

The key to change is awareness.  You don’t even have to try to change.  Just be still.  Pay attention.  Change will come naturally.

It’s so strange to me.  When I’m not paying attention I could shovel in a whole plate of food (that I’m not even particularly enjoying) and then go back for seconds.  When I’m tuned into my body I can feel myself getting uncomfortably full.  I can notice whether I like the food I’m eating or not.  I can tell if a food I’m eating is agreeing or with my body by how it reacts.  This is the key to change. It won’t happen overnight.  In my experience it takes a long time.  But once it does happen and you learn to be aware and tuned into your body I believe the change will be permanent for me.

It doesn’t have to be so hard.


My name is Amy. I’m 29. I’m a married mother of 2 beautiful children – one 3.5, one nearly 4 months. I am coming at you at 212.8 lbs. Proud of that? Nah. Ashamed of that? Used to be. Not anymore. I’ll explain more about that later. First, a bit of history for you.

I have tried so many diets. I can name them for you if you like, but it’s not really important. The important thing is that they don’t really work. None of them. Every diet I’ve tried helps me lose weight initially BUT every single time I end up weighing more than when I started. Tell me this hasn’t happened to you. IT’S NOT OUR FAULT. When you deprive yourself of food there is going to be backlash. NOT because of some lack of will power or weak gene that you’ve been born with. It’s because it’s human nature. That’s just how it works. There’s no way around it. So cheer up. You’re not a failure. You’re not weak. You’re not a loser. Whatever it is that you’re telling yourself when you look in the mirror. It’s not true.

My body is amazing. All 212.8 lbs of it. My body grew 2 perfect little humans. My body can do so many amazing things. Things that I have taken for granted for a long time. My body lets me wake up each and every day, my body lets me snuggle my beautiful children and feel their arms around my neck. My body lets me feel goosebumps when my husband runs his fingertips along my skin. My body lets me run around with my son in the backyard. It lets me jump in the lake on a hot sticky day. it lets me relax in a bubble bath when I’m having a hard day. It lets me enjoy the taste of amazing food. My body is amazing. Yours is too. Whatever it is – whatever you take pleasure in. You’re body is the reason you can do it. It’s time we stop shaming our bodies and start appreciating them. They deserve it.

I think it’s also time we start listening to them. There are so many distractions in the world. TV, iPhones, iPads, Computers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Video Games – how is our body supposed to get a word in edgewise? It can’t. Maybe thats why so many of us have this problem. We are so distracted and when we do listen it’s to someone else giving us advise about how to live healthily. If listening to other people tell you what to do worked, we’d all be skinny.
We need to listen to ourselves. Our bodies. Our intuition.

I refuse to believe it has to be so complicated. Why should we have to spend tons of money, read tons of books, eat food we don’t want to, walk around hungry, alter our perfect, wonderful bodies surgically to be healthy. I’m not partaking in this nonsense anymore.

I am going to document this whole thing here – if you want to follow along you can or if you want to join me you can. I’m going to explore and learn and listen and hopefully teach along the way. In the meantime I am going to drop the diets, eat whatever I want, lessen the distractions in my life so I can hear and feel my body’s signals and signs, and I’m going to appreciate my body – I mean really show it gratitude and love every day.


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